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So apparently the World Cup did NOT end last week when the US lost to
the Netherlands, but I guess it is over now, and even I will admit, they got
themselves a very good final.
Now, the score is a bit deceiving at 3-3, since one
goal for each team was on a Penalty kick, called after what seemed to be, from my
highly untrained eye, very questionable fouls…but still, 4 natural goals is a
venerable scorefest in soccer, although for the life of me, I don’t understand how it
wasn’t over when Argentina scored in OT. At least that would have prevented one
of the world’s most significant sporting event being decided, once again, on Free

Just imagine a Super Bowl being tied after an Overtime or 2, and then
being decided on a FG kicking contest.
And yes, I know to you purists, that
seems like too simple of a comparison, but tell be how I am wrong? The only other
sport in the world that is decided by a skills contest is the NHL, and even the NHL,
in the playoffs, is played to it’s end. Play it out already! And make it sudden
death, not in the way Iran interprets Sudden Death, as in, like, death, but in a
sports Sudden Death.

Once the game was over, ESPN.com ran a story asking whether or not
Lionel Messi is the best men’s athlete in any sport, ever.
OK, stop that.
Soccer involves occasional bursts of running, and tremendous Foot coordination.
Add hand coordination, plus a violent aspect, and football is much harder to master.

How about hockey? Skating, hand eye with a stick, and incredible toughness. More
difficult. Basketball? Come on, much more difficult. And then there is baseball…

Oh, I know, you don’t need the conditioning that you have in Soccer, but hitting a
round ball with a round bat, squarely? And then catching and throwing? Stop it!

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